The Mustang dominated the Pony Car Wars. It was the best selling Pony Car for 23 years straight. From 2003-2007 it was a one horse race since it was the last of the Pony Cars. If it was not for the huge success of the 2005 Mustang the breed might have gone extinct!

  In 2008 Dodge rejoined the race with the Challenger. By April of 2009 Chevrolet began selling Camaros. From 2010 - 2013 the Camaro has been the best selling Pony Car.



2012 Pony Car Sales by Month

2011 Pony Car Sales by Month

2010 Pony Car Sales by Month

2009 Pony Car Sales by Month

Pony Car Sales by Year, 2005 - Present

2013 Pony Car Sales by Month

The Camaro is once again the King of the Pony Car Sales War. In 2013
80,567 Camaros sold verses 77,186 Mustangs sold and 51,462 Challengers sold. 
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